Sales Outsourcing & Training

Sales Outsourcing

BigIdea’s sales strategic direction that delivers results.

BigIdea takes a 360-degree view of your current sales approach. BigIdea team completely participates, involves, and identifies
what is working and what is not. Before deciding on the plan of action BigIdea helps you take a more strategic approach to the entire sales process at the organization level, working with sales teams and leaders.

With a proven track record of success in sales consultancy, BigIdea’s consultative or strategic approach to sales will help you to understand where exactly to focus your energies to achieve maximum growth and takes responsibility for your sales targets and results. Our entire range of Sales and Marketing services can be tailored according to the need of organization.

As a part of our strategic approach, we review the below areas and provide recommendations to improve alignments

  • Recruitment Strategies

  • Products Marketing Offerings

  • Product collaterals

  • Current Sales Process

  • Tools Used

  • Business

    Apart from this we also share,

  • Our Key Findings
  • Current Gaps in the capability of the sales team
  • Recommendations
  • Value propositions that are effective with customers
  • Propose a compelling case for change
  • So are you looking for some impressive results in sales, then think BigIdea.
  • Sales Training

    A company’s performance is basically measured with its revenue, which is fueled by sales.

    BigIdea doesn’t simply outsource your sales force on your behalf. Instead, we empower the companies to grow themselves by utilizing the hidden talent and effort from their in-house sales team itself.

    We offer a comprehensive sales training that equips your sales and marketing team in efficient prospecting, consultative sales, negotiation, and sales management.

    BigIdea’s approach to Sales Training

    Either you are a startup or a well-established organization, as soon as your business picks up momentum and scales up so quickly, the volume of activities becomes so high. This inevitably demands a professional approach and streamlining of your sales strategiess and activities, in order to enhance your business performance.

    BigIdea’s Sales Training courses are strategically designed to enable our client’s business to take control of the sales elements without losing focus on boosting productivity. Our sales training will work effectively, as we understand every business is unique, and that’s why we customize the training programs for different businesses with sole values and goals.

    Our approach stays in line with the ever-changing market trends.

    What We Train?

    Our training equips your team’s ability to,

  • Have enhanced client interactions

  • PLearn new sales techniques and strategies that are customized for your business

  • Make sure motivation levels are high towards the goal

  • Confidence in closing a deal

  • Build own strategies for Risk mitigation

  • Deep root Market Research

  • Learn effective ways to reduce cost on the sales effort

  • Pick up right candidates

  • Construct scripts to deal with the most common issues

  • Identify potential customers

  • Make effective cold emailing and cold calling

  • How We Train?

    We not only train your internal marketing team to excel in technical sales, acquisition strategy, personality development, etc., We also cover planning and personality traits like creating a sales plan, workflow strategy, planning to get over the fears of negation, staying calm and composed, motivated every day, and much more.

    What you get?

    Our ultimate goal is to optimize every individual component of your sales process by training your resources effectively without lagging on their current activities. We help your team grow, and feel a constant progression, so they will keep learning and contributing, mutually benefitting the employee as well as the organization.

    Summarized features

    Learn how to build an effective prospect funnel – We analyze and equip your sales team with effective sales strategies to flood the sales pipeline with potential prospects.

    Keep customer relationship quality at par – Courses on CRM to train your sales team to assure a pleasant interaction with your clients.

    Our approach stays in line with the ever-changing market trends.

    Find and mitigate risks – Figure out the exact problem faced by your potential customer, design your product/sale strategy according to them.

    Learn professional branding techniques– Our professional approach to sales plays a vital role in adding up uniqueness to your business brand among its competitors.

    Create better product impressions in the market – We help you in projecting your product in such a way that it motivates the buyer to make an immediate decision even there are cheaper options available.

    Learn to sign a deal – We are determined to provide a seamless experience in closing the deal while sustaining your customers for a long-term relationship.

    Why BigIdea?

    BigIdea is a pioneer in this direction, which pushes forwards a business to go beyond its existing sales limitations. We know prospecting is one of the hardest part of sales, so we chunked the lesson plans with microlearning pieces that work effectively.

    Our sales-training professionals have 10+ years of experience in both inbound and outbound sales activities and familiar with the latest sales techniques and trends, to help you cut through and win the battle of sales.